We are people, not pixels.

We are teams, not tech.

We value culture, not clicks.

As we increasingly work from anywhere, finding new ways to engage our teams, empower remote culture and energise virtual events with real human interaction is key. So we developed a platform that works like we do;

Intuitive, natural, personal.

Creating possibilities, together.

Platform X enables teams to connect, communicate and collaborate like no other virtual space. You can share, network, collaborate and explore from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave - just like in the real world.

Full event management service.

Flexible, modular spaces

Fully customisable environment

Rich video avatars for networking

Personalised screen view

Audience spotlighting

Live, pre-recorded or interactive content

Live group chat

Interactive games & icebreakers

Feedback emojis

Photo collage

Interactive, collaborative whiteboard

Audience internaction app

Intuitive navigation

Teleportation to specific areas

QR code integration

Secure, single sign or log-in process

Bespoke event microsite

Turnkey production support

Real people. Real connections.

With our groundbreaking video integration there’s no avatar to build - it’s simply real people creating real connections. Seeing and hearing colleagues in the space in real time, allows teams to connect on a human level and to build stronger remote working cultures - chat, share, collaborate or simply have fun together!

Flexible venue. Customisable spaces.

With unique, interconnected rooms designed to encourage connection and communication, Platform X offers flexible, modular, customisable spaces that can be combined to create a branded environment that’s right for you and your audience.

Rich interaction. Audience driven.

Explore the venue, join interactive sessions, meet with others or deep dive into self-guided content to create your own memorable journey. A full suite of interaction tools allows you to comment, contribute, and actively collaborate throughout your experience. Individually, in small groups or as a whole audience - get involved and help shape the conversation!

Impactful content. Seamless broadcast.

Live, pre-recorded or on-demand content can all be integrated into Platform X so whether broadcasting from your home office or our TV-style studios, our expert broadcast team can support to deliver an engaging content mix that excites and engages your audience.

Smooth and secure attendee experience

As a web-based platform there are no fiddly apps to download. Instead, you’ll arrive at the venue quickly, smoothly and equipped with all the information you need via your bespoke event microsite. Simply requiring a single sign on log-in, the microsite is expertly designed to your brand and content.

Imaginative formats. Delighted audiences.

We love exploring what makes teams tick and our ‘human first’ approach to virtual event design puts your audience at the heart of the experience. So whether you are planning a product launch, an annual conference, a good old party or something else entirely, we work with you to craft creative, effective and exciting content that delights your audience and ensures they are still talking about it long after the event.

Get together

Meet in Platform X

Start something special together

Launch in Platform X

Share together

Present in Platform X

Play together

Gamify in Platform X

Train together

Learn in Platform X

Recognise and reward together

Celebrate in Platform X

People focused.

Expert support.

As live events experts, we are not just about the tech. We collaborate closely with your team from the outset to understand all elements of your brief to develop a stand out virtual experience that connects, engages and excites your audience and delivers a seamless project experience for you.